Do I Need A Battery Backup Sump Pump System


Spring season not only brings blooming flowers but also more than the sunny days. It is also a season of quick snow melt, frequent rainstorms and swollen rivers that increase crawlspaces, groundwater table and floods basement with the alarming regularity. These processes take few inches of water for ruining your household items, rusting metal fixtures, affecting wooden posts and crippling your mechanical systems. If the house regularly experiences any water penetration problems into your crawlspace or basement, you should be installed a perfect sump pump. This kind of pump sits in the hole known as sump pit.  It is situated at the bottom of your crawlspace or basement so that while flooding happens, water drains quickly into a pit. Once the water in a pit reaches the predetermined level, sump pump kicks on automatically and pumps flood into your outdoors or indoor drain through the fixed PVC pipe.

Need A Battery Backup Sump Pump System

The electric pump is affordable and effective, but they do not work during the blackout. Most of the severe rainstorms frequently knock out the current, leaving electrical pump inoperable while you need it the most. Due to this, people look for a perfect way for ensuring that their sump pump goes on to operate when the electricity goes out. Installing a battery-back pump system is a right way to get the benefits. This guide let you know why you need the sump pump system with a battery backup facility.

Where is battery backup pump system used?

Flooding infiltration process through foundation footings and walls can truly lead to severe structural damage. The sump pumps can aid in alleviating the hydrostatic pressure linked to an increased water table. Many people do not know whether their house needs a battery backup pump system.  If you know the answers to the following questions, you can quickly make a smart decision.

  • Do you own a sump pit which overflows, even while your pumps are running?
  • Does flood collect any place on the basement walls or floor?
  • Do snow melt or heavy rains because additional flood for infiltrating your basement?
  • Are electricity disruptions often during few months of the year because of seasonal or weather conditions?
  • Are there any building codes which need you to fix a battery backup pump system?

If you tell yes to these questions, you need the battery backup pump system.

Backup Sump Pump System

Why should you use sump pump with battery backup option?

House is a costly investment, so people want to prevent water problems from occurring. Installing a battery backup pump can truly save you money, time and can aid you in increasing the overall lifetime of your house. The battery backup option brings your sump pump numerous benefits, including:

  • Battery backup system does not include any moving parts for wearing out
  • Charging system let for simultaneous pump operation and charging
  • More gallons per every hour pump capacity
  • Play and plug capabilities, just install it as well as forget it
  • The secondary system avoids water damages and other hassles during severe water infiltration times
  • Warning alarms in this system alerts people to while battery requires maintenance
  • Automatic sensors determine water intrusion and pump away the water instantly

Working of battery backup pump system

The battery backup pump system is a 2nd pump which gets installed close to the primary pump. It has a battery that offers another power source which can operate your sump pump even if electricity has failed.

Along with this, the battery backup device comes with its own switch that let it activate when the flood level rises

It appears as a perfect second pump, so the battery backup device is there while your primary pump stops or fails for a particular reason

Unfortunately, if the strong storm causes an excess flood to enter your sump basic, it will affect a primary pump to handle the situation. During the situation, the backup system will kick in for offering additional pumping capacity and keeping your house dry.

It is essential to know that there are lots of basement floods happen when the primary pump system fails. If you previously have the battery backup pump system, you can handle the water problems without any difficulties.


The most significant process you can do is keep your basement and crawlspace dry by installation a battery backup pump system.

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