Best Battery Back Up Sump Pump Reviews 2018 (IN-DEPTH COMPARISON)

Do you live in the location that gets soaked in flood every year? A sump pump is an ultimate solution to your issues. Different varieties of sump pumps are available, but Battery Back Up Sump Pump lets users enjoy the best performance with pleasing results. They are ideal for supplementing the primary pumps. The previous pumps may fail because of excessive use, power outages or mechanical failure. When the electricity goes out, your motor overheats quickly, or there are lots of water gathering into a pit, and you will experience flooding. With a perfect backup sump pump, you get many hours of extra protection from any water damage. For picking a right one, you can refer this following list.

Best Rated Battery Backup Sump Pump Comparison Chart


Top 5 Battery Back Up Sump Pumps On The Market


WAYNE WSS30V Pre-Assembled Primary and Battery Backup Sump Pump System

The Wayne 120/12V and 1/2 HP Battery back-up and primary sump pump come with a pre-assembled facility which gives you an easy and fast installation. The available pump has a top suction design that reduces clogging and avoids the requirement of a weep hole or vent in the pump installation task. The heavy duty blend system needs a seventy-five amp hour or forty amp hour deep cycle batteries to delivers excellent performance continuously when the electricity is out. This wayne battery backup sump pump system helps you to protect your living place from various water problems.

best battery backup sump pump

Product Features

  • High-performance twelve-volt battery powered backup sump pump roughly about 3300 GPH, making this sump pump the best performing and superior DC pump system in the market
  • Assembled effectively in the United States by using both the domestic and foreign parts
  • The top suction design of primary pump minimizes clogging and filters debris
  • Tested to one million cycles
  • The alarm system has lights for status indicating features that let people know while the backup device is active
  • 1/2 HP and 120 Volt primary pump roughly about 4200 GPH for increased volume flood removal while the electricity is on.
  • Ideal for 15 inches diameter or a sump with larger basics

  • It is previously pre-assembled
  • The setup and installation of this product is easy
  • The Wayne product operates quietly and never creates much sound
  • Every part of this model has designed for preventing corrosion and rust

  • The Wayne WSS30V package does not come with any backup battery
  • Both the main and backup pumps includes a short life time when compared to other models
  • The pump working has delayed by some smaller pits

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WAYNE ESP25 12 Volt Battery Back-Up Sump Pump System with Audible Alarm

The reinforced backup system of WAYNE comes with an exclusive float switch design which will run the sump pump with less travel area for fitting even in the small pits. Additionally, it also reduces the hang ups of a float switch. This professional grade battery back-up device keeps its battery correctly charged. It also equipped with the audible alarm which alerts the people when the battery back-up pump is active. It has designed for simple installation process without any hard plumbing changes.

battery backup sump pump reviews

Product Features

  • The elegant charging technology is better than regular drip charges and its breaks the surface charge and gives battery power up to the optimal levels
  • LED indicator option and audible alarm informs house owner while this sump pump gets active and charge status of your battery
  • The backup system has sealed, corrosion resistant thermoplastic construction
  • Need the deep cycle maintenance free or marine style, twelve-volt battery
  • Built for effortless installation
  • The maximum flow of backup pump is roughly about 3300 GPH
  • Highly recommended for finished basement and basement with valuables, and protecting the second houses
  • Assembled in the US, with domestic and foreign components

  • The WAYNE sump pump with battery backup produces excellent pumping power
  • It has equipped with audible alarm
  • Delivers Better performance
  • Let users enjoy the most durable results
  • It offers great comfort to the users
  • Value for your money
  • Better versatility

  • This WAYNE backup system requires additional sump width
  • The product package does not come with a battery

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WAYNE WSM3300 Sump Minder Advanced Notification Back-Up Sump Pump

This sump minder is a unique backup sump device that both self-tests and monitors the backup and primary sump pumps. It also calls uses in before any problems happen. The microprocessor controlled and twelve-volt backup system self-tests a pump every fourteen days. It also sends the voice alert smartly to your phone. The useful facility brings you sufficient time to take immediate action before any flooding problem occurs.

sump pump battery backup reviews

Product Features

  • The 12V backup system has advanced notification
  • Sends the voice alert message to roughly about three phones in an instant of your backup system activation, less battery charge, high water and self-diagnosed pump issues
  • The microprocessor of sump minder monitors the status of battery and self-examines the system every fourteen days
  • Efficient charging technology is better than other trickle charges
  • Offers roughly about ninety hours of basement security during an electricity outage
  • Simple to program with panel buttons and LCD screen
  • Fast connection to your standard phone link for sending the voice alert
  • It has double float switch that offers both the automatic operation and additional reliability
  • It needs maintenance free, deep and wet cell, twelve-volt battery

  • Easy method for installing a battery backup sump pump
  • This system includes two pumps that quickly evacuate the sump pit
  • This battery backup product is simple to operate and program
  • It includes a periodic self-testing option
  • Consists of audible alarm efficient enough to reach a further level of your house
  • It has convenient sound range
  • Includes reliable construction
  • It alerts you before any unwanted problem happens

  • This battery backup system has not required until the electricity goes out

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Zoeller 507-0005 Basement Sentry Battery Backup Pump

The 507-0005 battery backup system of Zoeller has designed for avoiding that inconvenient and unfortunate situation. This backup pump provides a battery-powered, secondary sump pump that automatically on when the primary pump system fails to handle the extreme inflow of water. The separate unit augments any available primary pump system. This zoeller battery backup sump pump has a compact design, and it has housed in the durable thermoplastic construction. It has LED lights that indicate the power charge state. The audible alarm alerts you when this pump is active or engaging.

best battery backup sump pump system

Product Features

  • It provides additional protection and other benefits when the primary pump system fails because of electricity outages, while your system fails
  • Every model includes battery overcharge and burn out
  • The 507 model has a unique self-contained battery recharger of 10A.
  • Every system is solid state automatic controller that comes with warning systems, alarms, and light indicators
  • This pump system proves as a reliable pump that offers secondary battery backup facilities
  • The secondary battery backup option of this device has installed in any sump pump without any difficulties
  • The most reliable zoeller sump pump has accommodated in the most durable thermoplastic and eliminate water at higher rate

  • This battery backup for sump pump system kicks on as well as alarm sounds
  • Installs if user follow the accurate directions
  • Provides all essential things required for a simple installation

  • It has round-shaped plastic cover in an intake of water that creates the air locking hassles
  • This sump pump hums but never discharges flood at all
  • This mini check option on this device has failed

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Liberty Pumps SJ10 Water Powered Back-Up Pump

This sump Jet pump is the water powered and backup device which will protect the basement during an electricity outage. The uniquely designed pump has mechanized by the municipal water facility. This water powered sump pump does not require power to work. With an extremely compact and high-efficiency design, this liberty sump pump removes two gallons of basement water per one gallon used. It is entirely automatic and arrives fully assembled. This device arrives backed with the standard two years warranty of Liberty. This product requires a continual water supply to operate.

how to install battery backup sump pump

Product Features

  • It accepts 20PSI roughly about 100PSI pressure of inlet supply
  • UPC approved
  • The overall pressure of inlet flooding source is 60 PSI
  • The overall head length of this model is 19.8 GPM
  • It has built-in display with a removable-foot valve
  • The overall weight of this pump system is 5 pounds
  • The NPT motor in this device removes 19.8 gallons of water per minute

  • Compact and light design
  • Sturdy yet compact PVC construction
  • Comes with magnetic precision switch
  • Outlet and inlet compatible with several pipes
  • The most efficient motor in this pump remove approximately 19.8 gallons of flood water per minute

  • The shaft value of suction prone to the occasional malfunction
  • Not suitable for water supplies which are easily lead to being periodically shut off

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This post explains you the significance of an efficient battery backup device or pumps to your primary pump. Many unforeseen incidents may affect your basement and other households, so you can use the good battery backup system to avoid all the flooding issues. You need to consider several factors while buying the right battery backup sump pump. The vital aspects ensure that you never waste your hard-earned money while purchasing a battery backup system. It is significant that the battery backup device has similar output capacity like your primary pump. The listed products help you to select the most accurate battery backup sump pump quickly.

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